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Vital Information:
Name: Minoru
Rank: Genin (though that is debatable)
Playable at any age
Gender: Male (and asexual. Sorry potential shippers.)

Universe of Origin:
Naruto AU
While Minoru grew up in a Hidden Village and learned the way of the shinobi, his travels have taken him into worlds and dimensions far beyond his own. His close relationship with his mother shaped his pacifistic worldview and inspired him to follow his own path. His father instilled in him the virtues of hard work and determination. While twin brother Isamu was his rival as a child, they grew to form a very tight bond as they both fulfilled very different dreams in life. 

Mission in Life:
Ever since he heard stories of dragons breathing fire as a child, he had it in his mind that he would become a dragon. When he later learned that 'Dragon' was the title given to a human who mastered the arts of a Snake Sage (essentially a snake with legs), his dream became a conceivable destiny. Minoru never once looked back. Once he graduated from the Academy at age 12, he devoted himself to studying under the snakes, going wherever they feel his dreams and visions tell him to go.

He's an eternal optimist, a staunch pacifist and a free-flowing wanderer across dimensional lines. He's the life of the party when times are good, but when life throws him obstacles, Minoru does things his own way, confident that everything will work out in the end somehow. Just don't expect him to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time.

Fighting style: Highly acrobatic, based on speed over power, with emphasis on disabling an opponent rather than killing them.
Chakra: An exceptionally large chakra pool and high stamina. The seal on his chest is continually drawing natural energy from the world around him, so draining him of chakra is very difficult. Despite his chakra and bloodline, he did not inherit the sharingan.
Elemental Affinities: Fire. In fact, the affinity is so strong, he can't use any other elemental jutsu. At all.
Senjutsu: Minoru is unable to gather and mould the nature chakra needed for senjutsu on his own. It's the seal on his chest that allows him to tap into this power.
Snakelike abilities: Minoru has an affinity with all snakes and can summon them via his summoning tattoo. The longer he trains, the more snakelike abilities he taps into - i.e. heightened senses, a resistance to poisons, protective skin, regenerative substitution jutsu, healing abilities, etc.
Longevity: Whether it's a product of living at Ryuuchi Cave outside the bounds of the universe or a side effect of the seal and the natural energy he absorb,expect Minoru to be bouncing and kicking even in old age.


Gifted with a short attention span and more energy than he knows what to do with, Minoru is a handful. If there's something to climb on, he's already climbing it. He's overly trusting to the point of naivety, but he has a good heart. He has an insatiable sweet tooth and an appetite to match. He doesn't like water and refuses to bathe in the presence of others.
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Most Wanted:
 - Alternate Universes. Minoru's life is spent hopping dimensional barriers. Exploring new worlds, whether for the sake of slice of life or completing a quest, he's up for it! This is a cross-canon character and I'm not shy about that.
 - Crack. His entire existence is a little cracky. I won't deny it.
 - Fluff, hurt-comfort. I'm always willing to explore that gentle side of him. But don't expect long-term relationships. He may visit from time to time, but he rarely stays in once place for very long.
 - Combat/Sparring. He excels in the physical side of the ninja arts. He's a pacifist, though, and absolutely refuses to kill another person.
 - Medical scenarios. He's studied healing techniques, and I love medical drama. Illness, injuries, etc., all fascinate me greatly.

Not Touching it With a Ten-Foot Pole:

 - NonCon/DubCon. This is an honorable guy with a strong moral compass. He's not going to take advantage of anyone. Don't do it to him either.
 - Sex. Minoru is asexual. When it comes to romantic relationships, he just doesn't see the point. If you're wanting smut, look elsewhere, please. You can try to flirt if you want, but don't expect reciprocation. 
 - Anything that belongs in the bathroom. No scat, no watersports, not even ass play. Nope, no and no. Minoru doesn't like bathing in front of other people. What makes you think he'd want this.

Other Universes I'm Familiar With:

- Anime/Sentai
: Naruto, Yugioh, Death Note, Inuyasha, Power Rangers
- SciFi/Fantasy: Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate Atlantis, Lexx, Harry Potter
- Drama: House M.D.
- Cartoons: Disney, Nicktoons, Daria, Avatar, Ninja Turtles, South Park
- Gaming: World of Warcraft, Nintendo

(This isn't meant to exclude anyone or anything. But if your canon of choice isn't on this list, please don't be stingy with description!)

Not sure?
Just PM me.

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The inspiration for Minoru stretches beyond the Naruto universe. He's a mixture of fictional role models, spiritual philosophies and positive character traits. In many ways, this character was designed to help me become a better person.
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Looking for Minoru? He could be just about anywhere, really. But leave a message with the snakes and he'll find his way to your dimension. Or an alternate one closely resembling yours.

... It's more of an art and less of an exact science.
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